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Weed Control & Fertilization

We know how frustrating unwanted weeds can be. Our Weed Control & Fertilization System consists of 6 applications giving your yard a weed free environment year-round.

6 Applications Per Year​:

  • 3 Pre-Emergent Applications (Winter, Spring, and Fall)

  • 1 Post-Emergent Application 

  • 2 Applications of Control-Release Fertilizer

*Pricing is dependent on the square footage of the yard

photo feb 06 2023, 10 57 41 am.jpg
photo feb 06 2023, 10 55 39 am.jpg

Imagine enjoying a luscious, green lawn free of unsightly weeds all year long. With our specialized Weed Control & Fertilization System, this dream can become a reality. We understand the annoyance and hassle that unwanted weeds bring to homeowners, which is why we've developed a comprehensive 6-step process to ensure a pristine yard year-round. Our diligent approach consists of three crucial pre-emergent applications in the winter, spring, and fall, preventing the germination of those stubborn invaders. And if any pesky plants still manage to break through, our post-emergent application will keep them in check. To keep your lawn looking stunning and robust, we also incorporate two applications of control-release fertilizer, nurturing the healthy growth of your grass. Although the pricing is determined by the yard's square footage, investing in our expertly designed Weed Control & Fertilization System is not only cost-effective but also an investment in the beauty and value of your home. So, sit back, relax, and let your lawn thrive under our expert care.

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