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From mowing fairways in high school to mowing yards in Oxford, owner, Josh Asmus, has developed an appreciation for a well-manicured lawn. Along with that appreciation, he also has over 10 years of experience in the lawn and landscape industry.


As someone who spends a majority of his time outside, he started Green World Lawn & Landscape for the reasons mentioned above and for his love of the outdoors. Green World is Mississippi’s first and only all-electric lawn and landscape company. There are no toxic fumes or emissions emitted from any of our lawn equipment, and all of our equipment is noticeably quieter than its gas counterparts.


Green World is truly an eco-friendly alternative to all other conventional lawn service companies. Along with this commitment to the environment and more sustainable world, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and care to our customers.

Mowers, trimmers, edgers, and blowers are not strictly regulated by the EPA like your car. For example, one commercial grade gas lawn mower has the same amount of pollution as 88 cars driving at 55 mph. Our mowers on the other hand emit no emissions or toxic fumes. 


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