Why Electric?

Unlike competitive “all day” mowers that force you to stop and swap out depleted batteries with charged ones, Mean Green mowers use single fixed batteries to run continuously for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to consider the negative effects that gasoline has on both the operator of the machinery as well as the environment. Did you know that over 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year while fueling mowers? That amount is more than what was spilled during the Exxon Valdez disaster. Not only is this a waste of money and resources, but the gasoline seeps into our groundwater and the rest evaporates into our air, polluting the ozone. There are no gas spills with electric mowers.


Easy on the Ears

Gas mowers operate at about 95 decibels and hearing loss can occur after prolonged exposure to over 90 decibels. Electric lawn mowers are virtually noiseless. So by using electric equipment, you’ll save your hearing and your neighbors’ sanity.


Electric is Just
as Powerful

In this day and age, you no longer have to worry about exchanging the power of gas equipment to use sustainable electric lawn care equipment. Electric mowers have just as much vigor as gas-powered mowers and are much safer for the health of the operator and the community in which you live.